great summer activites

Summer is right around the corner and for those of you who are in the real world, you will most likely feel more irritable being inside the office. I have come up with a list of fun things to do after work or on the weekends this summer in order to make your work time more enjoyable and your playtime even better!

  1. Create a book club or “pod cast” club with friends and meet up with one another to discuss
  2. Plan a road trip for a weekend summer adventure
  3. Camp or “glamp” with your friends
  4. Start up a new summer hobby such as fishing, kayaking, water skiing, biking or paddle boarding
  5. Attend a wine and paint art class
  6. Take a summer class
  7. Invest in some roller blades from PIAS
  8. Learn how to make wine
  9. Create a fresh new look for yourself with a haircut or color
  10. Act like a tourist for the day in the city you live in
  11. Drive around with the sunroof open, top down and blaring Alanis Morissette with your best friend
  12. Attend a music festival
  13. Make yourself go on a date
  14. Visit friends or family in another city

Below are some pictures from my 2015 summer adventures. Can’t wait to share more on the blog this summer!




Visiting a friend in Milwaukee


Betty Dangers- “The new summer fun spot”


Country concert at the Twins Field!


We <3 Dave Matthews


Summer music festivals


The worlds greatest summer intern (friend)


To the cabin we go!


Old friends, new restaurants


Lake Life


Who run the world??

precautions to take before traveling overseas


With everything happening in today’s world, it makes traveling a bit more difficult. For those of you going abroad in the future for school or simply going on  a European adventure like my best friend and I, it is very important for you to take the time and prepare for your trip. This includes researching the areas you will be traveling, following the news on a daily basis and using helpful sites to help you gain greater knowledge about specific threats in the area.

I am not here to scare you but to make you more aware and keep you safe. We are unable to control situations around us and therefore we shall not live a life in fear. With that being said, we should be extra cautious and become more educated on the world around us.

While preparing for my trip, I put together a list of resources and actions to take before embarking on that exciting adventure!


healthy options

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Minnesota and with that being said, beach body season is right around the corner! Today I  have collaborated a few different healthy recipes in order for you to get ready for summer and have you feeling confident enough to put on that suit in just a few short months!


Homemade Banana ice cream: The most refreshing and delicious sweet around. All you need to do is  freeze some bananas, purchase a Yonana maker at your nearest target or hand mash some bananas on your own and sprinkle some dark chocolate on top!

IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173

The worlds greatest drink: Craving something tropical for the summer? Purchase some fresh oranges, grapefruits or lemons at the store. Grab a bottle of Tito’s and start squeezing!


Healthy and easy: The intern and I have been enjoying this just about every night for the last two weeks. It’s fast, cheap and doesn’t take much brain power to make. All you need is some ground turkey, veggies and a “boat” to place it all in!

what to do in Austin

Austin: The new and improved Las Vegas! Full of young and fun individuals that like to have a good time drinking + listening to live music that takes us back to the good old days. Active, eclectic and super friendly, Austin is a great city and should be visited by everyone!

Things I gathered while spending time in Austin:

  • Dogs are welcomed everywhere. Have a dog? Bring them to the bars!
  • Austin is very different from Houston and Dallas
  • Work hard, play hard lifestyle
  • Great Mexican food
  • Amazing food trucks
  • The people are very down to earth
  • Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka is killer
  • Affordable
  • Great parks and running paths along the river
  • Live music capital of the world
  • Very active and fit city
  • Full of tech companies
  • Very unique bars




IMG_0292 (2)











eight ways to style that simple plaid shirt

















my favorite daily essentials

shower essentials

First and foremost, whoever invented the shower is a stinkin’ genius! Nothing feels better than feeling fresh and smelling delicious after a nice warm shower! Today I snapped you a picture of my never missed shower, makeup and evening essentials.

Burt’s Bees– Lemon & Vitamin E bath and body oil is a MUST! This will leave you smelling like a Savannah smiles girl scout cookie! I like to apply this to my face and neck in order to keep my skin smooth and wrinkle free.

Bath & Body Works– Vanilla Bean Noel body wash with glitter. The best smell in the entire world! I buy this stuff in bulk during the holiday season.

Alba Botanica– Coconut milk makes you smell like you just left the beach and is much more affordable than Morrocanoil.

Keracolor– Conditioning cleanser is great for a nice deep condition. Sulfate free and filled with natural oils this is another great smell to add to that luscious hair!

Kiss My Face– Peaceful  patchouli. Buy it and try it because you will LOVE it and will probably have people wanting to kiss your face.



Makeup essentials

Nars-Audacious Mascara. The best mascara I have ever tried. I have tried every kind of mascara possible and this goes on the easiest and most importantly lasts a long time and doesn’t dry up!

Nars-Orgasm Illuminator. I am sure you’ve tried orgasm blush because what girl hasn’t? This is the same look but even better because it adds a little more glow and illuminates those feminine cheek bones.

Nars– Steven Klein Collaboration One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette. Special edition and probably sold around the holiday time. This kit is a must and so nice to have when traveling because everything you need is all there.

Tarte– Tinted primer. If you are like me and hate foundation this is the stuff for you. This light weight formula makes you feel like don’t have anything on your face. You can go on with your day without feeling like bugs are burrowing into your skin.

Benefit– Erase paste.  Do you have blemishes or pimples that you want to hide? Try this!

Eyeko– Fat liquid eyeliner. It’s fat for a reason. This stuff goes on well and stays on well.

Anastasia– Brow powder duo. This is not the actual product in the picture but I have heard good things about it. I am not sure where my personal product is from because I bought it from a random woman at the world market in Minneapolis. Whoops!



Evening essentials

Physicians Forumula– Argan oil. I love to put this on before bed. Just apply two drops to the end of your hair and massage it in. It will help with the dryness and make your hair look healthier.

Burt’s Bees– Orange essence facial cleanser. Smells good and feels good.

Ole Henriksen– Anti-aging kit. I like to apply this on my forehead and around my eyes at night. There is collagen in this product and therefore it is suppose to help with aging. After I apply the green bottle I put on some of the lotion.

Eucerin– Aquaphor. If you have ever seen the movie by “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you know where I am getting at… This product is equivalent to Windex and can be put anywhere and will heel anything! It’s magic. I apply this to my lips at night and on my tattoos.



the benefits of travel

“The best education you will ever have is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences”. 

My absolute favorite topic: TRAVEL

Traveling allows us to capture a sense of wanderlust. It teaches us to get outside the box and explore other cultures, try new foods and meet new people. Why the heck would you want to stay and be content in your current situation for the rest of your life? Traveling teaches us more about ourselves and allows us the ability to view new opportunities or situations different than we did before. The experience you gain and the memories you create are far greater than anything you will experience right in your house. You don’t need to travel far to undergo this amazing experience but you do need to step outside your comfort zone in some kind of way. Here are the benefits to travel.

  1. You will become more open minded
  2. You will learn more about yourself and your purpose
  3. You will learn to appreciate what you have
  4. You will learn to love “home”
  5. You realize how little you thought you actually knew
  6. You will make new relationships
  7. You will become more educated
  8. You will see and feel the real beauty of the world
  9. You will learn to live in the moment and absorb more of what surrounds you on a daily basis
  10. You will gain experience that will help you for a lifetime to come

Just do it!

Get out there and explore the wonderful world we live in!



how to be content in your mid-twenties

That’s it, you’ve had enough! You’re sick of looking at facebook posts of people all smiley, looking successful and perfect. You’re tired of hearing everyone ask you what you do for a job, who you are dating, engaged or married to and you feel you have to constantly prove yourself even when it shouldn’t matter. Let’s face it, in today’s world the norm isn’t always the “hip” thing to be. We are much more accepting of people around us and the wonderful differences the world brings. Although looking the best and being the best is still very prevalent, it is not the key. If you choose to live this path,  all I can say to you is TOUGH LUCK! If you spend half of your days worrying about what everyone else is thinking and feeling than you are completely missing out on experiencing life.

Today I want to help YOU become content with the person you are. I have struggled with this the majority of my life and it finally hit me, my contentment evolved, my happiness grew and I couldn’t feel better. In my opinion, the key to being content is finding happiness in yourself. Yes you can be happy with your daily life, but does that happiness overcome the happiness you have with yourself?

Listen carefully people! Here are four steps to finding contentment:

  1. Lean on a higher power for guidance, strength + love– Building a relationship with a higher power is an amazing experience and will be very fulfilling and beneficial for you in the end. When times get tough, your words can be reached when  that  relationship is built. Your happiness will grow enormously and you will be more content.
  2. Everyone’s path is different– Focus on what makes you happiest in your daily life. Figure out how to incorporate that in your career. When you like what you are doing on a daily basis you will be more driven and happy and more content.
  3. It’s experiences, not money that makes us happy-Stop focusing on the money. Money is important and gives us stability but it also can cause us to be vulnerable, unhappy + even alone. Create memories, work hard at a couple different jobs and worry about the experience you are gaining rather than the money you are making. You are still young and you will get there. Don’t rush it, and have fun!
  4. Accept the person you are-Everyone looks different, sounds different and IS different. Stop being so negative on yourself and start accepting yourself! The less you stress, the more you you will notice positive results. God gave us one life to live, enjoy what you have and be confident about it. Once you learn to do this you will be more content.

Capture pic4picpic2pic3


how to color your hair for less

Many have asked and today I will tell:

HAIR! Wanting to know where I color my hair? Well that’s easy, my house! Inspired by my dear friend Belle, today I want to share with you the secrets to coloring your hair for less.

It’s easy and all you need is the RIGHT box! Belle has always had a weird obsession with Jesse James and one day she researched how Jesse got her amazing hair color. Fancy enough, Jesse had a youtube posting entitled “Jesse James Decker- Highlight Hair Tutorial” . Watch this and you will see!

After years of getting my hair colored at the salon and absolutely loving the look that my hair stylist and friend Alicia at alibi the salon has created. I soon realized that in order to save for my trip I needed to cut back and unfortunately that was in the hair department. For those of you who are looking for an amazing hair stylist and aren’t in savings mode like me, I would highly recommend this salon that is located in the North Loop of downtown Minneapolis.

For those of you who are underpaid, unemployed, savings freaks or just simply want to make this a hobby, listen up because this is going to be life changing.

What you need:  Revlon Frost & Glow (honey color). You can purchase this at target for $6.99 or Walgreens for $11.99. Watch the tutorial and take a risk by doing it on your own or reach out to “Health and Belleness” or I and we would be glad to assist! The greatest part is that the coloring process time is only 8-10 minutes.





IMG_0080 IMG_0069

world’s cutest airbnb

Location: Austin, TX

Name: Sahara Casa

Distance from downtown: 15 mins

Price: Fabulous


Staying with a group of couples or friends for a birthday party, bachelorette or bachelor party? This is the place to stay! A short Uber ride from the city, this house is equipped with everything you could ever imagine. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, you will be able to fit all of your friends. Not to mention the house is so chic and well decorated, I didn’t want to leave! Take a look at some pictures below and book your stay at the Sahara Casa because you won’t regret your decision.


{How can you not feel at home here?}


{So cute and so true}


{An adorable book on Sahara Casa}


{Exploring and loving life}


{Girls being girls}

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